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'Artist impression' of Leffinge before the diking (10th century AD), © Middelkerke

5000 years of coastal evolution

The Flemish coastal region was formed by a long and complex history. The modern landscape is the result of the interaction between both natural processes and human interventions. Although research into the history of this region has already provided us with a lot of fascinating information. But many questions still remain. For example, how the coastline evolved over the past 5000 years.

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The Testerep project


Gain insight into how our coastline has evolved over the past 5000 years, through state of the art interdisciplinary scientific research

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With the use of computer modeling, we'll resurrect Testerep and learn about the human and natural effects on the landscape.

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Who are our stakeholders? In what project wil the research be applied? Which valorizationprojects are planned?

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Premiere theatorshow: "De Verdronken Ballades van TESTEREP” on December second 2022.

“De Verdronken Ballades van TESTEREP” will premiere on December 2, 2022 in CC De Grote Post. Experience the end of Testerep like never before! Five actors and musicians sing and play their hearts out to keep the island of Testerep above water. Each performance evening is determined by the audience: a new combination of songs and scenes, which come together in a finale. So don't miss this spectacle!

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Citizen science at the heart of the second stakeholder meeting.

On October 21, 2022, the second stakeholder meeting of the Testerep project took place. The central theme of this meeting was citizen science. After a brief overview by the project partners, three experts each proposed a different citizen science trajectory linked to project Testerep: 'Coastsnap', 'Amateur metal detection' and 'Historical research'. In the subsequent interactive moment, stakeholders, project partners and interested parties exchanged ideas about the various citizen science initiatives. The results of this brainstorming will be included in the further elaboration of the processes.


Testerep mapped using a magnetic survey.

Last week 360survey mapped the area of the former Testerep peninsula on behalf of VLIZ. They did this using magnetic measurements of the seabed. Magnetic measurements enable researchers to distinguish and map sedimentary structures based on differing responses. The survey took place near the coastline between Ostend and Nieuwpoort, focussing on the historic site of Raversijde and the old Yser estuary.

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