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'Artist impression' of Leffinge in a natural tidal landscape before dike building (10th century AD), © Middelkerke

5000 years of coastal evolution

The Flemish coast has a long and complex history. The modern landscape is the result of the interaction between both natural processes and human interventions. Although research into the history of this region has already provided us with a lot of information, many detailed questions still remain, for example, exactly how the coastline evolved over the past 5000 years.

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The Testerep project


Gain insight into how our coastline has evolved over the past 5000 years, through state of the art interdisciplinary scientific research

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With the use of computer modeling, we'll resurrect Testerep and learn about the human and natural impact on the landscape.

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Who are our stakeholders? How will they apply our research results? Which valorization projects are planned?

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Lecture by our archaeologists!

Don't miss this lecture!

On Thursday April 25, Dr. Soetkin Vervust, professor Pieterjan Deckers and PhD student Zoë Vanbiervliet explain the most recent results of the Testerep research during a fascinating lecture.

Please note that this lecture is given in Dutch.

You are welcome at the Duinpanne visitor center, but registration is required through this link.



Visualizing our landscape of the past!

Within the Testerep project, many partners work together to bring the complex history of our Flemish Coast back to life for a wide audience, using the latest techniques and with a dose of creativity. To achieve this, scientists of the project and  computer game developers of Howest-Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) meet on a regular basis. With the scientific input from the research, they provide strong visualizations of the landscape's past, for example in the form of images of medieval Ostend before, during and after the devastating storm of 1394.

Curious about the result? We must be patient until December!

Testerep on the International Documentary Festival DOCVILLE!

This evening the Testerep team will be present in Leuven for the premiere of “Testerep” at the International Documentary Festival DOCVILLE! Through Scienceville, the festival focuses on scientific documentaries that you really need to see! Curious about the Testerep film? Watch the trailer here!

Following this premiere, Dr. Soetkin Vervust gave a fascinating interview at "Voorproevers". Listen to it via VRT max!