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'Artist impression' of Leffinge before the diking (10th century AD), © Middelkerke

5000 years of coastal evolution

The Flemish coast has a long and complex history. The modern landscape is the result of the interaction between both natural processes and human interventions. Although research into the history of this region has already provided us with a lot of information, many detailed questions still remain, for example, exactly how the coastline evolved over the past 5000 years.

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The Testerep project


Gain insight into how our coastline has evolved over the past 5000 years, through state of the art interdisciplinary scientific research

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With the use of computer modeling, we'll resurrect Testerep and learn about the human and natural impact on the landscape.

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Who are our stakeholders? How will they apply our research results? Which valorization projects are planned?

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Researchers and filmmaker win documentary about Testerep project

The Testerep project is one of the two winners of the Scienceville part of the DOCVILLE festival. The festival's explicit aim is to produce two documentary authors with international ambitions that prove that a short documentary can be equally valuable in terms of content and artistic value. With the project, DOCVILLE commits itself, with the cooperation of the VUB, to supporting Flemish scientific documentaries and to contribute to the further development of the genre. The entire Testerep team will collaborate with filmmaker Vincent Langouche and use the prize money of 80,000 euros to make a documentary about the partly submerged peninsula off our coast. The interesting contrast between the historical aspect of the story and contemporary high-tech research forms the starting point.

The winning documentaries will premiere at the next edition of DOCVILLE between 20 and 28 March 2024.

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Save Testerep from destruction in new online game

Twelve students of the game course Digital Arts and Entertainment at the Howest in Kortrijk bring the story of Testerep to life using a self-developed online game. In the game 'Testerep New Beginnings' you have to collect resources yourself, build a new settlement and protect your city against the advancing water with dikes. The goal is to survive 30 days and save Testerep from destruction. Only then can you win the game.

Download and play the game for free

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Testerep exhibition subject of 3rd stakeholder meeting

On March 23 2023, the 3rd stakeholder meeting of the Testerep project took place. During this meeting the various stakeholders discussed the planned exhibition and derived initiatives such as a digital walk or bike ride. After a brief state of affairs by the 4 research partners, VUB, VLIZ, KU Leuven and Howest DAE, the Province of West Flanders presented the first preliminary actions and plans regarding a temporary/traveling exhibition. With this background information, the stakeholders and partners started thinking about the further elaboration and interpretation of this valorization project during an interactive session.