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The Testerep team digs up ancient dikes in Westende and Raversijde

Archaeologists of the Testerep team recently uncovered two historic dikes in Westende and Raversijde. These excavations give us further information about the historical settlements and population of Testerep. Furthermore, information obtained from these excavations can be used to reconstruct the historical onshore Testerep landscape.

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Be part of this unique theatrical and musical procession!

Join, alone or in group, theater group Vagevuur in a unique theatrical and musical procession. Songs will be performed at set times and moments over a distance of 12 km, in order to bring Testerep back to life. The procession will take place in Ostend, Roeselare, Ghent, Brussels and Leuven. Be sure not to miss this spectacle!

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VLIZ researchers collect drill cores and seismic information at sea.

For the second time this year, researchers from the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) came ashore with cores and seismic data from the drowned area of the Testerep peninsula. During a targeted campaign of four days, between Ostend and Nieuwpoort, the scientists collected 25 drill cores and more than 45 km of seismic traces. These, after analysis, will provide important information about the history of Testerep


VUB team looking for traces of Testerep in the landscape.

Researchers from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) recently visited the known and possible dikes of the former Testerep Peninsula. These dikes are usually still visible in the landscape in the shape of plot boundaries and roads, and sometimes also in the form of small differences in height. The purpose of the site visit was to identify suitable locations for sampling and other field work later this year.


Kayaking on the Testerepvliet

What better way for the Testerep team to uncover the mysteries of the former peninsula than to see the research area with their own eyes? While kayaking in the hinterland of Middelkerke, the team became acquainted with the remaining part of the tidal channel that once separated Testerep from the rest of Flanders. Back on shore, an exciting meeting followed where the partners discussed the progress of the project.

Get to know this beautiful and historic piece of nature yourself


Bring Testerep to life in a co-creation with the theater group Vagevuur.

In co-creation with both novice and more experienced writers, the theater group Vagevuur wants to bring Testerep's story to life. During the writing performance at Theater Aan Zee you will work together with professional writing coaches on stories and characters, which will serve as inspiration for the performance 'De Verdronken Ballades van TESTEREP'.

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The first cores of the Testerep project on board of the Simon Stevin

On June 9, 2022, we brought the first cores from the Testerep project on board the Simon Stevin. These cores are taken at specific locations along a seismic survey. This gives us an idea of which sediments correspond to a particular seismic signal. Furthermore, the collected sediments can provide us with important information about what the environment must have looked like in the past and we can start dating it.

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TG Vagevuur bring us "Verdronken Ballades van Testerep".

Five actors and musicians from TG Vagevuur sing and play their hearts out to keep the island of Testerep above water, singing fighting, with a massive decor.

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The Testerep project was officially launched with the first stakeholder meeting

With a first successful stakeholder meeting, the SBO-FWO project Testerep: 5000 years of coastal evolution has now completely started. The meeting started with a short presentation of the project partners and their contribution to the project. The VUB (Maritime Cultures Research Institute) and VLIZ (Seascapes Past and Future) outlined the historical context of the Testerep peninsula, explained the scientific research carried out earlier and indicated the research objectives of the project.
KULeuven (Hydraulics and Geotechnics) clarified how they will model the demise of Testerep, while HOWest (Digital Arts & Entertainment) showed how they will bring Testerep back to life through visualizations and simulations.
The second part of the stakeholder meeting zoomed in on the important social finality of the project. The planned valorisation trajectories, such as an extension of the citizen science initiative 'Coastsnap' and a traveling exhibition, were discussed. The meeting ended with an interactive session in which the various stakeholders discussed their contribution to and ideas about the project.



Podcast 'Hoeveroute' of the City of Ostend halts at Testerep

How do present-day Ostend and the drowned peninsula of Testerep relate to each other? And what role did the rising sea level play in the disappearance of medieval Ostend? You can hear this and many more stories in the podcast of the City of Ostend as a result of the new bike route Hoeveroute.

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